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More than 40 years ago, Allan Palecek began traveling the world seeking inspiration in a centuries-old tradition of basket-weaving from the indigenous peoples of Asia. Impressed with their use of quickly renewable materials like seagrass and rattan, he returned with a unique, attractive product that gained immediate attention by the home décor industry. The expertly woven baskets drew steady admirers, which grew into loyal customers, and an expanding product line. With a developed network of master artisans, the desire to mix an international palette of natural fibers and fast-growing hardwoods into elegant furniture, lighting and accessories made the Palecek company a trendsetter and pioneer in the industry.

Photo: Allan H. Palecek



From his humble beginnings as the son of a Kansas farmer and pilot for the US Airforce, Allan has created the company Palecek is today. Vice President Andrew T. Palecek, Allan’s son, joined the managing team in 2002. His passion for design and sophisticated style will continue the Palecek legacy, bringing distinctive designs to the market. In 2010, Palecek acquired PierceMartin and its line of exquisite furniture and lighting. In 2012, Allan was  presented the ARTS Academy of Achievement Honor. Palecek’s San Francisco Bay Area headquarters offer an extensive line of award winning, handcrafted and eco-conscious designs, upholstered and finished in Richmond, CA.


Palecek is proud to have been in business in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 40 years. Our domestic manufacturing headquarters is one of the largest employers in the town of Richmond, CA. Thanks to our team, we now boast eight national showrooms, a powerful international sales force, retail success, and a thriving Contract division.

Photo: Palecek employees
at annual company picnic.

Palecek believes that “green” is a process, not a destination. We acknowledge that ours is a resource-intensive industry that necessitates a balance of style and sustainability. As standards continue to evolve, we consistently strive to use sources that are gentle on both the environment and the people who work within it. That’s why our woods are largely plantation grown, and we use abundant, quickly renewable materials like rattan, abaca, and seagrass. We also rely on water-based finishes in our line of paintable furniture, making them safer for your family, and our employees. Our concern for the environment

Photo: Worker harvesting
sustainably grown rattan poles in
the Philippines.

extends beyond the products we manufacture and into how we conduct business. Palecek offices, showrooms, and warehouses all reflect our growing commitment to the “green process,” as we implement more ways to conserve energy and resources, recycle materials, and educate our customers on the steps we are taking so that they are inspired to do the same.

Photo: Overseas artisan weaving
one of our signature baskets.

Palecek knows that life is about balance. From humanitarian concerns, to environmental protection, the true success of a business is in its willingness to give back as it moves forward. Although we primarily use plantation grown woods, we are dedicated to the ongoing reforestation of the Philippines. In addition to sustaining the resources, Palecek believes it is also necessary to sustain indigenous crafts. We contribute to educational programs that ensure these beautiful weaving traditions thrive in future generations.
We believe in the simple principal of giving what you can, but giving nonetheless. Employee contributions were matched by Palecek after Hurrican Katrina, and the Asian tsunami disaster of 2004. Allan and Andrew Palecek flew to Indonesia in March 2005, and began regular donations of food, books, blankets, medical supplies, and other neces-
sities that continue to date.

Photo: Allan meets with tsunami
victims in Medan, Indonesia.



  • Myanmar Cyclone Relief
  • Hurricane Katrina Relief
  • Indonesian Tsunami Relief
  • American Red Cross
  • Susan G. Komen/Charlotte Dream Home 2008
  • Salvation Army Food Drive
  • Richmond Fire Department Toy Drive
  • Senior Center Donations
  • Richmond Model Home Donations